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The new concept in Japanese signature cuisine is an exquisite blend between tradition & design, quality & lifestyle.

For lovers of haute cuisine and, above all, for the bold ones, those looking to go beyond the limits to enjoy a whole new experience of gastronomy & entertainment that truly raises the bar.

Fermin Azkue

Chef & co-owner


The Wildest face of this gastronomic fusion comes with a proposal never seen before. Fermín, Chef-Owner of all our branches, is the mastermind behind the most SALVAJE creations, an international attraction that elevates dining.
Having traveled the world in search of only the best ingredients and taking inspiration also from his latin origins, Fermín developed a unique approach to Japanese cuisine, a bespoke dining concept which has made SALVAJE a success already in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Al Khobar.




Our carefully selected ingredients from all gastronomic cultures converge to bring the wildest and most fascinating experience to your table.
We take pride in working only with world-class natural products such as King Crab, Japanese fermented and macerated Kimchi and Umeboshi, among others, which we blend with local touches, elevating our creations to make each SALVAJE one of a kind.

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